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SelbyStroll REVPoster 2022

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Times are a-changin’ and Selby at Snelling is worth a visit. Walking, strolling, stopping in at any of our shops (currently with masks on and maintaining social distancing) there's a feeling of being in a village with friends. Welcome to our wondrous “new” old neighborhood.
Selby at Snelling is one of the most charming, inclusive neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. Come explore for yourself, and bring friends and family: we have something for everyone! We're popularly known for our dozens of women-owned and operated businesses. Discover us and return often.
STROLL our historic streets; DINE in our restaurants; SHOP in a wondrous expanse of boutiques offering sustainable, contemporary clothing as well as prime condition vintage wear, furniture, antiques, florals, kid's projects, and home furnishings; DRINK and EAT in our cafés and coffee shops; SWOON over exceptional pastries; RENEW with a quick slice of pizza; Buy GROCERIES from an incredible purveyor; and ENGAGE with our many professional services. Also, find state-of-the-art apartment living in the luxurious Vintage on Selby and the Harper offering rental work-sharing spaces, also Liffey On Snelling. You can LIVE or VISIT our vibrant urban environment where we respect our tradition, yet embrace our changing setting with energy and warm hospitality. 
Selby at Snelling neighborhood includes shops, offices and businesses on Selby from Fairview on the west to Saratoga on the east, and Snelling from Summit on the south to I-94 on the north.
Casual and dress wear • intimate apparel • sustainable clothing

Vintage clothing • consignments • vintage and mid-century furniture and household items
Gifts • floral design • jewelry • makeup and beauty supplies 
Homes • apartments • offices • co-working spaces
Health • wellness • sports • musical pursuits

Groceries • fresh-baked desserts and goodies • coffees • smoothies
Banks • beauty services (acupuncture, brows, mani-pedi)
Pizza • restaurants for breakfast • lunch • dinner • take-out 
Wine • beer • liquor stores

PARKING—free almost everywhere

Our Neighborhood

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