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Indoors & Outdoors
at Selby at Snelling

Why stay at home when there's so much to do at Selby at Snelling? Experience the sights, sounds, shops, and flavors that we have to offer year-round.

Mark your calendar for the SELBY STROLL,  Saturday, September 24, from 10am to 6pm.
We will again have lots of live music, shopping specials, fun for families. Beautiful day! 

Membership Meetings 2022 Schedule

September 7, Wednesday, 9 am: Membership Meeting, Vintage on Selby

September 8, Thursday, 9 am: Marketing Committee

September 24, Saturday: The Selby Stroll, 10:00 am–6:00 pm


October 12, Wednesday:

      9:00 am Board of Directors Meeting TBD

     2023 Officer Nominations, Marketing Meeting if Shop By Candlelight is a go


November 9, Wednesday:   9:00 am Membership Meeting Vintage or TBD

     Nominations/voting process for 2023 Officers; membership renewals


December 7, Wednesday: 9:00 am Year-end meeting,  Vintage or TBD

     Wrap up 2022 issues, Officers/Board for 2023

2022 Past Calendar

January 12, Wednesday, 9am, Zoom Member Meeting (TBD)

February 9, Wednesday:   Board of Directors Meeting, Third Street Studios

     February 16, 9:00 am Marketing Committee Meeting, Third Street Studios 

March 9, Wednesday: 9:00 am Member Meeting -

April: no member meeting

May 4, Wednesday: 9:00 am Member Meeting. 10:00 am,  Marketing Committee Meeting

June 18: Saturday: Selby Fest, 11:00 am–6:00 pm

June 29: All-Members Social, 5:30 pm, The Hive/The Naughty Greek

July 13, Wednesday: 9:00–10:00 am Member Meeting, Vintage On Selby

August 3, Wednesday: 9:00 am Marketing Meeting for The Selby Stroll