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Schedule of Meetings for First Six Months of 2021:


January 13, Wednesday: Zoom Member Meeting, 9am (Alex Crosby, convener ). Minutes of this meeting:

Signing in: Alex Crosby (Vice President), Joe Hughes (President), Hayley Bush (Board member), Linda Cassone (Board member), Dave Johnson (Board member), Jill Erickson, Marianne Kipp, Susan Carr. Guest: Ava Ekman


  1. Intros all around and minutes from December 2020 meeting approved.

  2. SCHEDULE FOR 2021. Draft schedule presented. Discussion that we should alternate Member months with Committee meetings. Thus, February would be the month for Marketing Committee and Safety Committee to meet. Suggested date February 10. Linda to take initiative to arrange Marketing Committee meeting. Joe probably take the initiative with Safety Committee, if that is called for. Since the full year’s schedule may be too early to decide everything, Susan suggested she’ll revise it for the first six months and then we’ll adjust whatever is needed for later on.

  3. A Board of Directors meeting will be planned for before February 10, probably on the 3rd. Alex will arrange a zoom meeting.

  4. Joe did give a brief report on Safety and Security. Crime has picked up in St Paul, but not much news coming in about break-ins, but that’s probably because of lockdowns, Covid, etc.  Joe said that one of his Minneapolis properties has been having ongoing graffiti problems. As for shopligting in Selby-Snelling, Marianne thought there’s a “normal” amount going on and with the dispersal of the homeless encampment at I-94 & Snelling, the area seems better.

    1. Flirt Boutique has closed. Jessica of Flirt had maintained a phone tag list to warn other owners about any odd shopper behaviors, and some owners take photos of suspected shoplifters. Seems that over time, owners tend to recognize some of the same people and can warn each other when these people are around.

    2. Marianne will try to get Jessica’s tag list and Hayley volunteered to take it over and look into a way to communicate quickly. Members seemed to favor email over telephone and didn’t want to give out their phone number.

  5. Treasurer’s Report. As of 12/31/2020, $10,504.45 in the account. A portion of this is in the PayPal account ($183.28) from dues paid via this option.

  6. Generic News:

    1. Harper Apartments is 50% rented. Susan will follow-up with Katy Wasson of Harper to recruit for membership. After Covid hit, in March 2020, Harper stopped thinking about membership.

    2. Report there might be a restaurant moving into the corner (formerly O’Gara’s), and currently it has a location in St. Louis Park.

    3. Marianne has been collecting from shops for the spring-summer hanging flower baskets.

    4. New construction of Pivot Apartments, available early 2021.

    5. New construction planned on Marshall Avenue (east of Snelling).

    6. Park Building on Selby just leased to a handyman service.

    7. Augustine’s Bar & Bakery closed for month due to illness. Naughty Greek on Snelling advertised it, too, will be closed for month of January, but the University Ave restaurant is open.

  7. MEMBERSHIP: 35 members out of 42 have renewed, after three tries. One of the seven non-renewals, Family Tree, will be moving to Mpls, so that may be the reason they didn’t renew. Although members said no more attempts at renewing should be made, a forth effort was made, and so far, Whole Foods agreed to renew. Hoping for more!  Often, people don’t see the emails or misplace the early mailing statement, or our emails go into a Spam folder.

  8. BOARD MEETING ISSUES: Would be welcome if at the Board meetings, possible or prospective new member names/businesses can be forwarded to the membership volunteer. Or even if Board members themselves contact business associates they have to promote membership.

  9. SOCIAL MEDIA: Invited guest Ava Ekman is the new social media coordinator, replacing Audrey Ekman (yes, they are cousins) who has graduated from the Carlson School and moving on. Ava is a student at the University of Minnesota studying Strategic Communications and also active in business and campus media projects. In January Ava will try to meet some members onsite, and officially takes the reins in February. Reports will be forthcoming monthly.

February 3, Wednesday: Zoom Board of Directors #1 meeting (Alex Crosby, convener)
February 10, Wednesday: Marketing Committee, time TBD (Linda Cassone, convener)


March 10, Wednesday: Zoom Member meeting, 9am (Alex)


April 7, Wednesday: Marketing & Safety Committees, times TBD (Linda/Joe Hughes) 
— plan Spring Shopping Event for Thurs, May 20, 5–8pm??


May 5, Wednesday: Zoom Member meeting, 9am (Alex)
May 20, Thursday: POSSIBLE Spring Shopping event, 5–8pm??
June 9, Wednesday: Zoom Board of Directors meeting #2 (Alex)
June 16, Wednesday: Zoom Member meeting, 9am (Alex)

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