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Why stay at home when there's so much to do at Selby at Snelling? Experience the sight, sounds, shops and flavors that Selby has to offer year-round.

Year End Meeting, ZOOM, December 2, 2020, 9–10am


Watch for receipt of our Constant Contact notification of the December 2 meeting, which will have Zoom access information.

Log of past meetings/no meetings:


Wednesday, October 7 - MEMBERSHIP MEETING CANCELLED. Dues requests sent out; Board of Directors voted to half dues (50%) for 2021 due to Covid and economic uncertainties; nominations for Officers for 2021 surveyed.


September 9, 2020 Membership Meeting Notes:

• Eight members logged in: Joe Hughes, Alex Crosby, Hayley Bush, Dave Johnson, Linda Cassone, Jill Erickson, Jaimee Hendrikson, Susan Carr

• Selby Stroll for Sept. 26 is all set: posters delivered, social media ongoing, Press Release to send this week, three sets of musicians will be staged at various places during the afternoon; colorful streamers made and will be distributed soon.

• Lula will send info about the Stroll to the Events Calendar at Visit Saint Paul

• UPDC to recruit for new director, hope to hire someone in place by year-end. Joe is on the search committee.

• SSABA Membership no change, but Board of Directors asked to consider renewal rates. Renewal letters/emails should initiate by mid-October.

• Only about 30-40% of Constant Contact notifications are opened. And few click through to the attachments.

• Directors agreed to have a Zoom meeting Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 9am to discuss several issues including: member renewals, Officer election process, Directors for 2021 if any members have served their two-year term, building mural project guidelines and funding, bike racks

• Meeting adjourned at 9:45am


August 19, 2020 Membership Meeting Notes:
Twelve members joined our August Zoom meeting and we heard reports about the following:

- The Treasurer established a PayPal account for members to renew online easily;

- The Gift Card contest was successful, as was new posts about Selby at Snelling that were liked by 25,000 people.

- Selby Stroll 2020 plans moving along—we have three separate musical groups or musicians who will pay outdoors along the route; we will invite all shops and businesses to be listed; a poster and online ad is being finalized; and volunteers agreed to help distribute materials prior to that Saturday, September 26.

- A building mural has been commissioned to appear on the Saratoga side of the building on the northwest corner of Saratoga & Snelling (building housing Merriam Park Acupuncture); the space is roughly 15 feet high x 35 feet long; the local artist who will create this mural is Megan Moore. Other building sites and funding for a few more murals will be considered.

- Next meeting will nail down whether or not to hold November's traditional Shop by Candlelight; most members present agreed it should skip this year.

- Membership is constant and the plan for 2021 renewals will be up to the Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Past Meetings Schedule:

Wednesday, February 5

Wednesday, March 4

CANCELLED: Wednesday, April 8: Marketing Committee; Safety/Traffic Committee 

CANCELLED:  Wednesday, May 6 - Guest Speakers from MN United will be rescheduled

CANCELLED:  Wednesday, June 3

Zoom Meeting: Wednesday, July 15, 9am

Zoom Meeting: Wednesday, August 19, 9am

Zoom Meeting: Wednesday, September 9, 9am

CANCELLED:  October meeting

CANCELLED:  November meeting

ZOOM Meeting: Wednesday, December 2, 9am

Notes to share



Decisions made:

  • Cancel the Zoom membership meeting scheduled for November 4. Should still have year-end meeting scheduled for December 2.

  • Postpone discussion/plan on building murals until late spring/early summer. Would need to identify buildings suitable and agreeable, seek funds, identify and interview artists, decide on messaging/art. Possible buildings could be Neighborhood Café, Rose Street Patisserie, Augustine’s.

  • Postpone project for bike racks to spring. We will need information on costs, quantities, locations, etc. 

  • Plan for 2021 Selby Stroll next September because this year’s was highly successful. Notable draws for the public appeared to be: three music venues; five strong media hits, including Instagram, Kare 11, Pioneeer Press, City Pages, and Villager pieces and social media reaching many thousands; people having been indoors now invited outdoors for a safe event with masks and social distancing; sidewalk sales; good weather; shops seemed to enjoy and do well and feel the Stroll was worthwhile.

  • Discussion to be continued at next meeting of having a spring shopping event like Selby Stroll (Linda did not want to use the name for spring, noting that the imagery was all for fall), e.g., “Spring on Selby.” Even if Covid still around, event could be carried out successfully.

  • Nomination survey for 2021 officers brought one response and that was after the requested deadline. We will soon contact to all members asking for a Yes/No response to keep current officers serving for 2021. This might generate responses if it’s sent as a personal email (not Constant Contact). 

  • Committee approved a second plan for a gift certificate contest, to coincide with November 29 Small Business Saturday. The Association will purchase a $25 gift certificate from each of four members, combined award of $100. Four members are: Spatial Effects Gallery, UpSix Vintage, Brow Chic, and Cahoots Coffee (Cahoots will be a member).

  • Our social media consultant announced that January 2021 will be her last month with us. We need to start search for a social media intern.

  • We will welcome a new business: a barber shop moving into the space formerly occupied by Polka Dot on Fairview at the Selby corner.


    MARKETING COMMITTEE NOTES FROM JULY 23.  The Marketing Committee had lively discussions pre- and post-Selby Stroll, which occurred on Saturday, September 26, from 10am to 6pm; with masks and social distancing, with three musical groups, with sidewalk sales—it was a grand success and will be scheduled for 2021. We collaborated with Union Park District Council, who promoted to area residents and homeowners. We sponsored more aggressive social media and had several strong hits, including pieces in the Pioneer Press, the Villager, Southside Pride, and a TV segment on Kare-11. Posters and listings of shops/businesses participating were distributed. We instituted a "Grand Prize" giveaway gift card on our Instagram site consisting of four $25-each gift cards to four businesses. In addition, the Committee agreed to look into artful murals designed on several buildings. The 2020 Shop by Candlelight, which has always been successful for our neighborhood, probably will not occur due to the uncertainties still anticipated for November.  


    We have two committees for 2020--Safety/Traffic is one and Marketing is the other--each can arrange when and how and when to get together. The Board of Directors also will arrange their third meeting of the year. 

    Saturday, September 26, from 10 am to 6 pm


    ​Friends, neighbors, aunts, uncles, kids, and yourself came to the fifth annual Selby Stroll, a Community Celebration on a lively Autumn afternoon. They walked and browsed and shopped and snacked while three live music venues help the celebration. Selby Stroll covers the shops/businesses on Selby from Fairview across Snelling to Saratoga and on Snelling north and south of the crossing with Selby. Special offers and discounts. We followed all public health guidelines for masks and social distancing outdoors and indoors. 


    Shops and businesses:  

      2020 WEST of Snelling, on SELBY:

    PATINA (1581 Selby) – In-store raffle of Patina exclusive items 

    BROW CHIC (1585 Selby) — Brows, lashes, makeup by appointment only

    LULA VINTAGE MN (1587 Selby) – 25% off for one day only (Selby Stroll day)

    BLUEPRINT WELLNESS ENERGY WORK  (1595 Selby, #106) (recommended by Goop) Special rate of $75/60 mins ($25 off) for Laura Peppin’s remote energy healing sessions. Book online, call, stop by. Offer ends 10/31/2020.

    TENNIS ON SELBY (1599 Selby) – 40% off all apparel

    MARTHA'S GARDENS (1593 Selby) — Floral creations for all occasions

    EVERYDAY PEOPLE (1599 Selby) — Re-usable clothing & jewelry in great condition

    ZAIT & ZATAAR (1626 Selby) — Authentic Middle Eastern specialities

    AUGUSTINE'S BAR & BAKERY (1668 Selby) – Open for takeout; free cloth face mask (one per person)

    STUDIO IN BALANCE (1679 Selby) — Full Pilates & personal training in small club atmosphere

    STRIPPERS FURNITURE RESTORATION (1698 Selby) – Parking lot sale of furniture, antiques, and miscellaneous collectibles, LIVE MUSIC performed by local singer-songwriters Garret Nasset and Steve Splettstaszer

    MISSOURI MOUSE (1750 Selby) — antiques and art stuff

    SPATIAL EFFECTS GALLERY (1759 Selby) – Live music from "Twin Town Strings," Plein-air painting demonstration, 10% to 15% discount on selected items

    PRACTICAL GOODS THRIFT SHOP (1759 Selby) – Get a Grab Bag with a purchase while supplies last—find all-natural fibers, second-hand, clothing, cookware, tools

    EGGIPLANT URBAN FARM SUPPLY (1771 Selby) – 25% off bamboo wind chimes

    ROUGE URBAN SALON (1743 Selby) —Beauty services for men & women

    BLUE DOOR PUB (1811 Selby) — Juicy Blucy can't be missed

    EASTWOOD Gallery (1818 Selby, at Fairview) – Open 11 to 5 with unique Arts & Crafts furnishings

    MALL OF SAINT PAUL (1817 Selby at Fairview) — Antiques & thousands of vintage items


       2020 EAST of Snelling, on SELBY:

    SPOILS OF WEAR  (1566 Selby) – Sidewalk sale and live music from "Frederick, the First" on the patio

    CAHOOTS COFFEE BAR (1562 Selby)– Free cookie with large drink purchase. LIVE MUSIC FROM FREDERICK, THE FIRST, ON PATIO AND ELSEWHERE

    TEENY BEE (1560 Selby) — Cute babies and kids clothing, toys, books, more

    TOMMIE"S PIZZA (1556 Selby) - Slice it or buy a whole pie, special on salads with whole pie

    VINTAGE ON SELBY APARTMENTS (1555 Selby) – Open House with tours of the Penthouse and a Townhome, if still available

    MERRIAM PARK ACUPUNCTURE (1523 Selby) – Stop by to receive a coupon for 50% off of your initial appointment for pain management, stress, fertility, digestive issues, etc. CHECK OUT THE MURAL ON THE BUILDING, SARATOGA SIDE!


       2020 SOUTH of Selby, on SNELLING:

    ROSE STREET PATISSERIE (corner Selby/Snelling) – Unforgettable pastries

    SWEATSHOP HEALTH CLUB (167 N Snelling) — Pilates, fitness, group & individual training, great instructors

    CADENZA MUSIC (149 N Snelling) – Good sounds, great lessons

    PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS (145 N Snelling) – 25% off all new baseball gear, used bikes, new rollerblades, and all lacrosse gear

    DUNKIN (143 N Snelling) — Donuts and more donuts

    RED'S SAVOY PIZZA (143 N Snelling) – “Two Slice Combo” of two slices and a 20-ounce Coke product for $9.99

    PARK LIQUOR (140 N Snelling) – Best selection and service to all customers

    HARPER APARTMENTS (150 N Snelling) — New rental apartments, townhomes, plus inviting co-working spaces with access to amenities


        2020 NORTH of Selby, on SNELLING:   

    FLIRT LINGERIE (177 N Snelling) — Beautiful underthings

    THE NAUGHTY GREEK (181 N Snelling) –  sidewalk and take-out yummy Greek food

    UP SIX VINTAGE (189 N Snelling) – Sidewalk sale pending

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