Indoors & Outdoors at Selby at Snelling

Why stay at home when there's so much to do at Selby at Snelling? Experience the sight, sounds, shops and flavors that Selby has to offer year-round.

Wednesday, February 5, at 8am, Vintage on Selby Main Floor Conference Room

February Meeting of Marketing Committee and Directors

We start new scheduling for 2020 with this February 5 meeting at 8am for the Marketing Committee and at 9am for the Board of Directors. Members are being surveyed to volunteer for a committee. The plan is to schedule committee meetings on alternate months—April, June, August, October. The Board of Directors plan to have four meetings this year, and will be scheduled at their convenience. When all dates are confirmed we will post a final schedule for 2020. We invite members to volunteer on a committee for 2020.

A Safety/Security/Traffic Committee will be recruited from businesses in the area  and we will update on its first meeting later this Winter. The SSABA is very much involved and concerned about relations with the Saint Paul Police in protecting our neighbors from break-ins, theft, street crime, and any other illegal activites.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at Vintage on Selby, possibly 8:30am (will confirm)

March All-Members Meeting

Members can get updates from the Board of Directors and the Marketing Committee. We hope to have the structure of the Safety/Security/Parking Committee set up for discussion by this date also. Any volunteers interested are welcome to work with Joe Hughes in this group.

This is the only meeting now until two months from now, in May. So please attend and participate in the action plans presented by social media, Marketing, and the Directors. All members benefit from the news and information, and from knowing each other.

Alternate months beginning in March


Wednesday, March 4

Wednesday, May 6 - Spring Fling TBD

Wednesday, July 8 - Summer Social TBD

Wednesday, September 9 - Selby Stroll TBD

Wednesday, November 4 - review Shop by Candlelight; Ballots for 2021

Wednesday, December 2 - year-end wrap-up, voting for 2021 Officers/Board

Alternate months beginning in February


Wednesday, February 5

Wednesday, April 8

Wednesday, June 3

Wednesday, August 5

Wednesday, October 7

ALL-MEMBERS MEETING Wednesday, December 2

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