The Neighborhood Full-Service Bank

Associated Bank is a member of Selby at Snelling and a neighborhood institution. The Bank is a vital partner in the development and expansion of the area, and welcomes new residents and retailers with personal service in a friendly and convenient setting.

Associated branch in Selby-Snelling is unique, bridging the economic, social, demographic, and cultural diversity here as a "hub" for a variety of financial services. The Bank has survived and thrived honoring its legacy of service to communities and customers. Bank customers include renters, homeowners, business professionals, retailers, and students—a mirror of the Midway neighborhood. The Bank also provides community grants on a case-by-case basis.

Historically, Associated traces its lineage back 150 years to a group of Wisconsin banks in the First Financial family including Kellogg Citizens Bank of Green Bay, Manitowoc Savings Bank, and First National Bank of Neenah—all of which found their way to become a flourishing Liberty Bank, a mainstay of the Midway area on the corner of Selby and Snelling in 1930. Architecture buffs will remember Liberty’s unusual stone-covered surface (replaced when Whole Foods and Vintage on Selby apartments) were constructed. Associated Bank continues the Liberty tradition with experienced employees and dedication to customers.

Associated Ban, on the corner of Dayton and Snelling is a modern facility with free parking, drive-through services, and the latest security in online and mobile banking services. The menu of services, includes:

• Checking and savings accounts for individuals and businesses

• Health savings accounts and IRAs

• Certificates of deposits (CDs)

• Mortgage and home equity line of credit

• Business credit cards

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