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Union Park District Council: Building a Better Community

Union Park District Council is a proud and active member of the Selby at Snelling business association. UPDC embraces the area of Saint Paul between the Mississippi River and Lexington Avenue, and University and Summit Avenues, including the Merriam Park, Snelling-Hamline, and Lexington-Hamline neighborhoods. UPDC is one of 17 planning councils in the city of Saint Paul.

With two full-time staff members, as well as interns and numerous volunteers, UPDC works to engage community in its many distinct neighborhoods—by identifying neighborhood needs, collecting input on proposed projects, hosting proactive community conversations on local issues, and representing neighborhood perspectives to the city and other decision makers.

UPDC projects connect neighbors by creating and promoting community activities, activating public spaces through events like the annual Ice Cream, Peanut Butter & Jam festival in Merriam Park, and partnering with local businesses and nonprofits on events, such as the Bastille Day Block Party hosted by Selby at Snelling. In April of 2017, the Selby at Snelling business association hosted a hugely attended fun-filled Spring Fashion Fling at UPDC’s new offices, one result of which donated a portion of proceeds to UPDC and to WomenVenture.

By promoting green space, walkability, creative approaches to improving the neighborhoods, and addressing other quality of life issues, Union Park District Council works to advocate for all who live, learn, work, and play in the community. Through its E-newsletter, website, social media, and communication with the city and other stakeholders, it informs residents about what is happening in the neighborhood, and advocates for the neighborhood on local issues.

Serving on Union Park’s board, committees, and taskforces empower residents to become neighborhood leaders taking action on the issues that matter to them and their community. Union Park is always looking for more people to get involved in their work of building a better community. Stop by their new office located at 161 Snelling Avenue North or visit them online at

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