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Selby at Snelling Whole Foods Market is Fabulous!

The St. Paul Whole Foods has lots to love...

  • about 160 Whole Foods customer parking spots

  • Wide, wide aisles

  • 16 registers

  • Diverse and delicious lunch options: many options hot food bar, salad bar, and neapolitan style pizza

  • Fresh home-baked breads, desserts; fresh fish, sausages, meats

  • 89 seats for in-store dining--breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner

  • Appreciative and helpful customer service throughout the store

  • New, lower pricing on many items after our affiliation with Amazon began

  • Shoppers Pick-Up and Delivery service

Whole Foods has been part of the community for more than two decades, and this new and bigger Whole Foods Market remains in the heart of our neighborhood. We can offer our customers a better experience while still presenting nourishing food and organic health options. We welcome all to visit, browse, and buy at Whole Foods Market on Selby at Snelling. And, there's ample free parking!

What’s New?

"Selby Avenue Bar & Grill" - No more grocery shopping while hungry... That’s right, a bar and grill inside your grocery store! The model has been successful in several Chicago stores, but this is the first in Minnesota. The bar and grill area will have local beers on tap and serve po'boy sandwiches, stuffed tater tots, and other upscale traditional bar food. It’ll be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You must remain in the bar and grill area with your adult beverages, though.

Also a Fresh Juice Bar (also the first in a Minnesota Whole Foods location) and a Coffee Shop that serves housemade gelato.

Neighborhood Insider Info:

  • There are 2 exits and entrances to the parking ramp: on Dayton and on Selby

  • A walk-up street entrance on the corner of Snelling and Selby

  • Reclaimed wood from the iconic Associated Bank which last stood on that corner is used in the interior design of the store! "The goal was to have it feel old-fashioned and vintage yet still very modern.

  • Whole Foods is a Gold-level member of the Snelling-Selby Area Business Association, and we welcome our ongoing participation toward promoting a thriving and successful neighborhood business community

The neighborhood businesses are varied and very hip to the neighborhood; many shops are women-opened and operated by creative and dedicated people. Selby at Snelling is fun, vibrant, and relevant.

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